The Rasmus are a Finnish rock band that founded in 1994 as school band while the band members were still teenagers; their first name was Sputnik, changed in Anttila, then in the one more closer to the corrent one, that is Rasmus, choosen because of the assonance with the word “trashmosh” and because for the band’s members it sounded typical Scandinavian.


The original members were: the singer Lauri Ylönen, the guitarist Pauli Rantasalmi, the bassist Eero Heinonen and the drummer Jarno Lahti.

The drummer changes two times before the band finds its current and final formation; in 1995 Jarno makes way for Janne Heiskanen, who was replaced by Aki Hakala in 1999. Until that time Aki was selling Rasmus’ merchandise and was also playing drums in the band Kwan.
The Rasmus, Kwan and Killer founded the Dynasty, a collective of Finnish bands where its band’s members were close friends.

In April 2000 they sign with Playground Music Scandinavia and change their name from Rasmus to The Rasmus, to not being mistaken with a famous swedish dj called Rasmus.

The first three albums gained a lot of success in Finland and make the band known in whole Scandinavia; but thanks to the fourth album – “Into”, released in 2001 – that The Rasmus make their first steps outside Scandinavia. In this time they start to play gigs outside Scandinavia and “Into” is released in some European countries.

In the meantime, in late 2001 their first collection is released, called “Hellofacollection”.

the rasmus

The big international breakthrough comes finally between 2003 and 2004, where their fifth album “Dead Letters” and its first single “In The Shadows” are released.
The album and the single, in addition to sell respectively 1,7 million and more than 1 million of copies worldwide, rakes up awards and recognitions; “In The Shadows” moreover broke the record for performance royalties received abroad on a Finnish composition.

In September 2005 the sixth studio album “Hide From The Sun” is released, revealed in advance by the single “No Fear” and followed by a promotional worldwide tour that keeps the band busy until late 2006.

Still in 2005 Lauri and Pauli found their record company and studio in Helsinki, the Dynasty Recordings and the first social account of The Rasmus is opened on MySpace.

The Rasmus

In September 2008 The Rasmus’ seventh studio album “Black Roses” is released, produced by Desmond Child and Harry Sommerdahl, and mixed by Michael Wagener. The album received positive reviews from both music critics and fans and become gold in the first week.
Between the end of 2008 and first half of 2009 the band is touring; started in Finland with the “Dynasty tour 2008” where they play along Von Hertzen Brothers and Mariko (both produced by Dynasty Recordings), it continues in the whole world.

In half 2009 The Rasmus were included in the line-up of Monsters Of Rock, a festival that that year included artists like Scorpions, Alice Cooper and Kingdom Come.

In fall 2009, due to the anniversary of the 15 years of activity of the band, the second collection “Best Of 2001-2009” is released, including the duet with Anette Olzon, “October & April”.
Moreover the 23rd November The Rasmus held a gig at the Suutarila high school, in the same place and time where 15 years before all begun; the gig was also broadcasted live on the web for all those fans who couldn’t attend at the school.

After a short break, in March 2011 the first Lauri’s solo album “New World” is released; the album, fully auto-produced and composed, contains songs wrote by the singer but that didn’t fit for The Rasmus’ style.

The Rasmus

In April 2012 The Rasmus’ eighth studio album, simply called “The Rasmus” is released.
That name was chosen because the band was involved 100% artistically and financially for its making, as fully auto-produced; during the spring and until the end of the year it takes place the European promotional tour.

In the following years the band took a long break, where every member dedicates to personal projects (in the music field or not), interrupted just by some live gigs in Europe, Russia and Latin America.

In May 2017 the release of The Rasmus’ ninth studio album “Dark Matters” is announced for the fall and the first single “Paradise”, is released at the end on March.

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