Yesterday Lauri and Aki have been interviewed during the Emma Gaala show and now the interview can be watched online at Yle’s website, exactly in this page.

Here’s the translation of the full interview (thanks to Jetkidd for it):
Interviewer #1: Little by little we’re getting the two men from The Rasmus for an interview. Welcome Lauri and Aki!
Lauri: Hey!
Aki: Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello!

Interviewer #1: How has Emma-gaala 2008 been so far?
It has been great. We just gave out the award for best song and it went to the right person. I was sure it would go to Nightwish’s Amaranth, which is a great song but Jenni Vartiainen won. It’s a great song, I’ve listened to it a lot in my car, very touching.

Interviewer #1: So the cd has been in your player frequently?
Lauri: It’s your radio-station that I’ve been listening to. I’m being a real ass-kisser here.
Interviewer #1: Thank you for this!
Interviewer #2: Ass-kissing is the best!
Lauri: Right!

Interviewer #2: Not physically though but let’s not get there… The Rasmus has been quiet about new releases and stuff but apparently you will be releasing a new album later this year?
Aki: Yes, that’s right. We decided to postpone the release later on to autumn so we have enough time to make it. New songs just keep coming and the guys have been very creative. We decided to record one or two songs in the spring and –
Lauri: And to talk about Nightwish! There’s this old, old song that’s actually 8 years old which me and Pauli made in his parents’ basement. A very beautiful and touching song that’s also kind of duet-like. And that’s when the idea of calling Anette Olzon came up. I asked her if she wanted to do a duet with me she was very excited about it. Turns out that a couple of years ago she sang our songs in a cover-band! It never would have happened if we had pushed the releasing of the new album in the beginning of the year. The wait is worth it sometimes.

Interviewer #1: Lots of talented people have taken part in the making of your album. Would you name a few?
Lauri: The one name I can say is Desmond Child, who’s a real 80’s legend. He has written songs for the likes of KISS, Bon Jovi and Alice Cooper. Many of the songs touched me when I was younger and still do. Desmond, who’s a big supporter of The Rasmus contacted us and that’s how it all begun. The album is almost done we just need to do a few recordings next week and then it’s finished.

Interviewer #1: How has it been working with Desmond Child? He’s a real legend!
Lauri: He knows who he is and what he wants and how to do it. Desmond is exactly like a real producer should be. He takes the lead when the band is being sloppy. Though we’ve got lots of experience already it was great seeing how things are done in America. It was probably the best thing that’s happened to me in the last 5 years.
Aki: Another wonderful person we had the chance of working with was Michael Wagener. He was born in Germany and left for America in 80’s with a band called Dokken. We had him to record the drums and mix the album which was amazing. He’s sat between James Hettfield and Lars Ulrich in the studio and listened to them fight! It was wonderful working with the gentleman.

Interviewer #2: Is the material on the new album any different to the old songs?
Aki: Let’s just say that there will be good old Rasmus melodies on the album. Also a little something from the 80’s and 90’s.
Lauri: A LITTLE something?
Aki: Surprise, surprise! We’ve recorded the album in several countries. Lots of inspiration from Finland, Sweden, Germany, America, Singapore…
Lauri: Greece!
Aki: Greece, yeah. I hope someone else will sense that too.

Interviewer #2: Apparently it’s very inspirational to go traveling every once in a while?
Aki: Indeed. Also the fact that we had a new producer gave us some new energy though we already had an amazing team back in Sweden. A “new” – well very new yeah – let’s say “fresh” producer knew how to find the good things in Rasmus. He (Desmond) has a lot of experience and we just told him what our ideas were and he knew how to develop them.

Interviewer #1: Does the album contain a so called new Poison?
Lauri: That word might be mentioned there!

Interviewer #1: So it’s a kind of tribute then isn’t it?
Lauri: That way, yes. But he’s (Desmond) very strict about the fact that if he’s written a song where a certain word is used he’s like “no we can’t do this!” And then I’m like “but we haven’t done this before so let’s do it anyway!”
Aki: For example the word “hell”. It has been used quite frequently by Meat Loaf (Aki says meat loaf in Finnish, lihamureke) Also we’re a lot more experienced after the producing of this album.
Lauri: Absolutely.

Interviewer #1: Thank you for this interview and lots of luck in the future for The Rasmus.
Lauri & Aki: Thank you!