On the website www.voice.fi has been published a video interview with Lauri and Aki recorded at the Emma Gaala of last month, where they talked about the upcoming album Black Roses.
To watch the video go to the website and click in the pink rectangle with the writing “kuuntele tästä” on it, then in the new window choose the “videot” section and then in the menu on the right choose the “kaikki” section and at last scroll down the videos’ list until you find the interview that is named simply “The Rasmus” (you can find it in the folder named “voicela – haastattelut”).

Here’s the translation of the full interview (thanks to Jetkidd for it):

The becoming Black Roses is The Rasmus’ 7th album already.

Interviewer: Lauri and Aki from The Rasmus. We’re here at the Emma-gaala backstage. How are you gentlemen?
Lauri: Great! We’re here today to give out “The song of the year” – Emma prize. Amazing artists and in my opinion awesome songs as well this time. We’re in high spirits here.
Aki: Keeping a low profile but of course we can always drop by on Voice to say hi. We’ve been working on the album and spent some time home resting.
Lauri: We were supposed to release the album in spring but then we had a few killer ideas and decided to test them out and release the album in the fall. Hopefully right after the summer.

Interviewer: Have you realized all these killer ideas or… ?
Lauri: Not exactly but we’ll be working on those during next week and the week after that. Some tiny adjustions to be made. And then the album should be finished.

Interviewer: The Rasmus fans all over the world must have been waiting for the album but you guys wanted to make it perfect. How are the results can you tell us anything? Details?
Lauri: I think it’s like a combination of old Rasmus and then something new. I feel like we’ve looked back in time and checked out the older albums, what was good about them, it’s going to be a super Rasmus compilation.

The band has kept a low profile for about a year now finishing up the album.

Aki: It’s been a great feeling now that we have a new producer and so on. It’s been a great session. Quick and easy!
Lauri: Somehow it’s a happier album.

Interviewer: In comparison with the previous one?
Lauri: Yeah, it’s more genuine and not so much of wallowing in desperation which my life doesn’t have right now. I think the ideology would be “If I could have just one more day then, YEAH!” The album respects what I currently have.

The recording career started off with the album Peep in 1996.

Interviewer: Would this new record be a return the the roots of Peep album which especially was a real “happy happy” album?
Lauri: It’s (Peep) a real uplifting album and we’ve taken something from it to the new album. Then again considering the sounds and everything we’ve moved forward. In how many countries have we recorded again?
Aki: Like 6 or something!
Lauri: I sang in Nashville and Aki did the drums.
Aki: In America.
Lauri: Germany, Sweden, Singapore, Finland. There’s a very international feeling to it. And I think you can hear that in the songs cause in different countries we’ve made songs in different moods. I think it brings certain levels to the album.
Aki: It was nice recording the drums in America, to see how they do it there. I also got to work with a great man Michael Wagner who mixed the drums for me and had mixed them in Master of Puppets. He was a great man already then. Let’s see how people like it. At least we’ve enjoyed so far. I’m waiting for a chance to play the new songs for someone!

Next summer the band will be seen on only a few festivals including RMJ.

Interviewer: How did you end up making the album in so many different countries? Was it because of the producer or were you just in the right place at the right time?
Lauri: I forgot to mention Greece on the list!
Aki: Oh yeah!
Lauri: We were in Folegandros making the songs. And this is the first time that we have ever made songs with someone we don’t know. Desmond Child, an old 80’s legend who’s made songs for KISS and Alice Cooper, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith. Ricky Martin! Anyway, he’s behind the music we loved when we were kids. So, the album we made with him is all in all a co-write album. It was a new experience for us an we thought is this a good idea. Are we selling our souls in the process? On the other hand it was a very teachful experience, interesting.

Producer Desmond Child has worker with Bon Jovi and Ricky Martin but also Kiss, Cher and Aerosmith. The songs he has written are Bad Medicine, I Was Made For Loving You, Livin’ La Vida Loca and Dude Looks Like a Lady.

Interviewer: Was it hard for you guys after a long tour to just go home and do nothing at all?
Aki: Yes.
Lauri: Yeah it was but then again it’s very simple being in a band. You make songs, you rehearse them and after that you go to a studio. Then a tour –
Aki: Don’t make it sound so boring! It’s damn awesome!
Lauri: Either take a break or not and then do it all over again. That’s what we –
Aki: The circle is continuous.
Lauri: Yeah and we haven’t actually taken a break we’ve made new songs. And the things we capture in our songs – or at least this is how it works in our band – are from the near history, let’s say the last two years. When we release an album it contains what happened to us during the last two years.
Aki: Captured on an album.

Interviewer: You tell the story to everyone in this world until it starts all over again.
Lauri: Of course we’re always one step ahead. We play the songs to people… it’s sort of a diary. The following is our 7th album and that’s a lot.

The Rasmus guitarist Pauli Rantasalmi has written and produced songs for Killer, Kwan and Mariko.

Interviewer: When we’re talking about awards what would be the best kind of award for a band to receive for their work?
Lauri: It’s always great to go play on a venue that’s full of people.
Aki: Yeah, it’s more about the shows.
Lauri: It’s possible to have a hit song that’s played on the radio all the time but no-one comes to your shows. It’s always great being on backstage five minutes before the show starts and the manager comes in and says “sold out”. That’s what makes me feel like “yeah!”.

Interviewer: I wish you good luck with the award you’re going to host though you probably won’t need it.
Lauri: Yeah we should be pros by now.
Aki: Exactly!

Interviewer: I started to hear some noise coming from the audience I thought you should be there soon. Well, do you guys have a favorite in any of these categories? When this comes out the awards have already been given out so.
Lauri: Well, in fact I have 3 favorites.

Interviewer: Do tell!
Lauri: In my opinion Apulanta deserves as much as awards as possible this year. They’ve never received any credit of their work here on Emma-gaala and that’s wrong. They’re a very important band in the Finnish history of rock music. Nighwish are going to be victorious today I figured. And speaking of the devil I just did a duet with Anette Olzon for our album. A few weeks ago.

Lauri describes his and Anette Olzon’s duet as a “murderballad”.

Interviewer: Thank you very much for this interview.
Lauri & Aki: Thank you.

Interviewer: We’ll hear from you guys next autumn.
Lauri: Black Roses!
Aki: We’ll get back to you!

Interviewer: Yes, thank you.
Lauri & Aki: Thank you.