The website of the finish company Alma Media has published a small video interview with Lauri recorded after The Rasmus’ performance at the RMJ festival.
Here you can see the video interview, while hereinafter there’s the full translation of it (thanks to mari88):

Interviewer: Thursday’s main performer at RMJ was a world-famous The Rasmus, who started their gig at midnight. After getting the big audience entertained, the band was in a good mood.
Lauri: I’m feeling very good. It’s a beautiful day and it has been nice to meet some other musicians like Ari Koivunen & co. and Kotipelto kind of music people. It’s a nice day to enjoy the summer. We had a really good gig, we played some old songs from 1996, Playboys and Ghostbusters to recall some old memories.

Interviewer: This is not the first time you play at RMJ but did the change of the location have some kind of effect on the festival’s mood?
Lauri: I think this is a better place to perform. People have a lot of space there, the last area was in this pipe – form, one side of it was forest and the other side was water. I think this place is somehow beautifully green. Yeah, I’m feeling good.

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