On the website www.iltalehti.fi you can watch a video interview with Aki and Lauri about their coming performance of the band at Elämä Lapselle that will be held the 10 of September at the Hartwall Areena (Helsinki), here you can watch the interview while below there’s the translation (thanks to woozle):

Interviewer: There’s the Elämä Lapselle concert coming. How do you feel about going there?
Lauri: Feeling happy!
Both: Hehehehe!
Aki: Let’s take the start again!
Lauri: Noo, let’s keep going!
Aki: Let’s keep going. Of course it feels good. I have never played there. Guys have played there..
Lauri: .. We remembered that we’ve been there two times but could it be like that.. back then when it was in Stadikka (The Helsinki Olympic Stadium).. It has always been a big event. There are lots of people there for a good cause, partying.. It’s good to be in again.

Interviewer: How is your connection with this organization or helping children at the first place?
Aki: It is a very good thing, that event. They raise lots of money for a real cause. I am a father of a prematurely born child myself. So I find it very wonderful and important thing. When you watch that thing they’re doing it’s very precious. Many preemies born in Finland, but we live in a wonderful and good country and take care of them and most of them get a healthy and good life.
Lauri: Bands getting there is already a great contribution, that’s what makes the wheels spin. It’s cool that we also see many new bands, not just the old monsters. There’s some new and some old stuff.
Aki: The reason why we haven’t been there lately is that be have been somewhere else in those days. I’ very happy we can perform there this year. We’ll play at full power and enjoy.

Interviewer: Apocalyptica has publicly told that they’re improvin the climate by paying flying penalties and other stuff. What kind of good things does The Rasmus do and for who?
Aki: We also have that thing that from every flying ticket goes some money on something good.
Lauri: We do fly a lot, it makes lots of pollution. But you can’t go like by a rowing-boat over the Atlantic Ocean, so we have to fly.. We should invent something new when we go on tour.

Interviewer: What would be the thing they should organize a big concert for? For what should we raise money for these days, along with the Elämä Lapselle -concert?
Lauri: I think like smaller things… I’ve always wanted like.. I used to skateboard a lot when I was young and there really weren’t good premises for that. And it is like a f**king good hobby for a young guy because you get like a healthy way of life with that. It’s so passionate that you don’t have any time to do bad things. So we should support hobbies like that ans bands could help with that.
Aki: I think we could play a few more shows for that good cause that people would understand to save enviroment. They wouldn’t like throw trashes there and stuff. And they would drive bicycles more that cars. Let’s save (enviroment) for future generations!

Interviewer: With these words, thank you!
Both: Thanks!

Elämä Lapselle is a popular annual charity concert which features top Finnish and international performers that don’t get any money for playing.
More info about The Association of Friends of the University Children’s Hospitals here.