The music video for The Rasmus’ duet with Anette Olzon has been directed by Owe Lingvall, that has already worked with the band shooting the beautiful video for Justify’s single. This new has been published in the Village Road Film‘s website, Lingvall’s company, where it’s also reported “October, April” as the title of the duet, so it’s not clear if it’s just an oversight or if the title of the song is slightly changed.

Instead on Film Arc’s website (an interregional film initiative set up by four regional film funds in the Nordic Region – Sweden, Finland and Norway), it’s been published the new that Axel Söderlund has worked as director of photography in the latest The Rasmus’ music video; but it’s not clear if they mean the video for the duet with Anette or another music video, because although it’s nominated Owe Lingvall as the director and Village Road Film as company for the co-production with Helsinki Pump and for the postproduction, it’s not mentioned the presence on Anette on the set of the video and it’s indicated August as the date for the video’s release and not the fall when the duet it’s scheduled.
Anyway Söderlund revealed that the whole music video has been shot against a green screen which will be replaced with an empty skyscraper filled city. He also said “at this stage we cannot give away much details concerning content. But the basic idea is that the artists move through this empty city, changing their surroundings in different ways. But we did a lot of walking. And to achieve this in a studio without having to light enormous areas we bought a treadmill which was modified and painted completely green, it worked like a charm, except for a few stumbles here and there. So if anyone is in need of a green treadmill, you can rent it from Village Road”.

The full article can be read here, while some photos from the set of the video can be viewed here, here and here.

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