On her official blog Anette revealed some things about the shooting of October & April music video and its release in European televisions, here’s what she wrote:

The Voice, Finland will show the video on friday (23rd of October) and Viva, Germany gets the video also on friday.

Thanks for all the nice comments about October and April and the video. Someone wanted me to tell a bit about the making of it, how it was to work with the green screen etc, so here we go:

With Amaranth, Bye bye and Islander, it was working in the present and acting together. With this video it was all different. Me and Lauri only had one scene together and that is the last one, where I put my hand on his cheek. Other than that it was only our own walking scenes in different stages.

I am used to run on a tread mill but this one was painted green and nothing to hold on to, so the balance was a bit hard to hold. Also we recorded the video in “double-speed” and that made it harder too. Walking fast, trying to think of walking in New York when all is a studio environment with nothing but green ;=) well, it was a bit hard.

I like the video and think the guys have made a great job with it. The result is beautiful =)

I still prefer to do more “live-shot” videos since it feels more natural, but it was nice to learn about this way of making videos too ;=)