Last Sunday 31 of January, Lauri was guest to the radio show Levylaukku, broadcasted on the Finnish Radio Helsinki, where he talked about The Rasmus’ plans for this year.

Here you can listen and download the podcast of the show, while hereinafter there’s a recap of the interview made by Sharazan (anybody that wants to re-publish this translations in other pages must report also the credit to him besides the one to this website, thanks):

  • Lauri was asked why The Rasmus is going to do the next album on their own, without the producers of the previous albums, and Lauri said this is a good opportunity to test everything they have learned, especially now when the recording deal with Playground Music Scandinavia is expired. The band likes about this chance to make music on their own pace in their own studio.
  • Then Lauri was asked about whether there will be changes in their music, he said “maybe there will be some new influences”. He’s been listening to Daft Punk’s “Aerodynamic” a lot at home lately, as well as Daft Punk’s other older songs. He likes electronic music (and also many other music styles), so it’s possible that there will be some influence or elements drawn from electronic music. But he also pointed out with a laughter, that of course they don’t have an intention to start making that kind of music, he was referring to it only as a little additional flavor to their usual music.
  • Lauri was asked about when they will be on the road again, and he said there will be some gigs in the Finnish summer festivals, possibly something abroad too, but their main concentration will be in the making of the new album. He believes maybe in the autumn there will be more chances for gigs/tour, but “anything isn’t confirmed yet”, making the new album is the first priority.
  • Lauri feels still pain in his shoulder from the last summer’s skateboarding accident. Still, he plans to try it again next summer, and build a miniramp with a friend. But after saying that, Lauri started to doubt, saying “Maybe I should rather leave skateboarding to my son. I’m not as elastic anymore as 15 years ago”…
  • At the end of the interview Lauri was asked about what’s happening next with The Rasmus, and he said they’re back in studio starting from February 1st, and “Hopefully we’ll be able to release something soon. We’re feeling good and fresh, maybe there will be some nice surprises coming out (from the studio sessions)”.
  • He then was asked about what’s happening with their record company, Dynasty Recordings, and Lauri said there will be interesting releases coming up later this year, from a band like Iconcrash and a Suomirock-band called “Tyyne Raunio”, for example.
    Lauri said it’s hard to manage an own record company and kind of trying to create a new artists from nothing, but then again, it’s rewarding to see how happy the artists are to be in studio recording, and finally having the songs playing on the radio.

For more informations about Iconcrash and Tyyne Raunio, check out:

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