For the today’s release of New World, Lauri did in the last couple of days a little tour in some Finnish tv and radio stations to promote his solo album and also talk about The Rasmus.

Monday the 28th he was guest at Radio Nova (here it’s available an article about it and the audio of Lauri’s interview) and the show Huomenta Suomi of the tv channel MTV3 (here it’s available the video), while yesterday Lauri was guest at Radio Nostalgia (here it’s available the podcast of the show) and NRJ radio (the podcast of this show can be listened in parts here, here and here).

Hereinafter there’s a recap of the new things that has been said during the interviews, thanks to Sharazan for it.

Lauri says about his solo-project, that he will maybe make another solo album, and plans to release music a little more often. He may make the future material out of a moment’s impulse, a bit more artistic in tone, whatever happens to come to his mind.

Everything is fine with The Rasmus, but the band has grown so big in 17 years, that making an album has become a slow process, so it takes easily 3½ years, or at least 3 years for them. He says with a laugh, that even though he’s a musician, it’s crazy how it takes 3 years to produce 10 songs. They don’t have a deadline for the album.

He’s happy with being part of The Rasmus and what the band brings to his life, and mentions the chance to travel abroad as an example of the good things.

At some point Lauri tried to change the style of The Rasmus slightly, but it didn’t succeed very well. In the span of 17 years The Rasmus has become its own kind of thing, and he says it’s better to let it be that way.

He was asked about how Aki, Eero, and Pauli took his decision to go solo, and Lauri says they took it quite well, they even asked “When can we come to your gigs?”. Lauri kiddingly said “If there will be a festival, we can arrange a meet and greet after the gig”.

Lauri says this opportunity for a solo-project feels refreshing to him, as he had felt he was standing still as a musician, but this solo-thing has given him new inspiration, which also benefits The Rasmus. After nearly two decades with the band, Lauri just needed something else for a change, and since he’s always liked bands like Daft Punk, Björk, and Prodigy, and since he’s always felt attraction on synthesized music, now was a good time to make a solo album of the songs that wouldn’t fit The Rasmus.

About the first single, Heavy, the tells it has that “Rasmus-feeling”, so that the song would work as a “soft landing” to the more “disco-type of songs” of the album.

Lauri was asked if he’s afraid of losing fans and popularity some day in the future, but he said he hasn’t thought about it. He likes meeting fans on the gigs, and he especially likes about hearing stories of how a song has saved somebody’s life.

About solo-gigs, Lauri says he will probably perform on some summer-festivals, and a little tour may be coming up in the autumn. He’s excited to see how people will receive him.

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