It’s been passed just some hours since Aki and Lauri surprised everybody making a little chat with some fans on Facebook, here’s a transcript of what they wrote and/or answered to the fans’ questions:

  • It’s Aki & Lauri here…
  • Sorry bad connection…
  • We’ll come to Italy on the next tour, when the new album is out!
  • Hopefully we’ll play in Guatemala again! Love your country!
  • Everybody doing great! Just had a long studio day, drums done for the next album, tomorrow eero starts to rec bass
  • Melis, i think we’ll play in Bulgaria on the next tour, see you then, ok?
  • Pics of Eero, i’ll try to send you one tomorrow…
  • Jayne…We don’t have any plans yet…would be great, but now we need to do the album ready first, heheheh (about a possible release party for the album like it’s been done with the previous ones)
  • Hopefully you’ll get to hear the first single in the spring!
  • Recordings going well! Very happy about every song we decided to record!
  • We’ll shoot a video in the begining of next year
  • someone was asking ab the produser, we have a good old Martin Hansen working with us, We recorded Into, Dead Letters and HFTS with him
  • Internet connection sucks in this hotel, sorry about that!
  • Black rose was only for the previous album, now we create something else
  • Somebody asked about Pauli, he’s great too! In the next hotel room, soon we’ll have a dinner with our friend here in stockholm!
  • When eero is ready with his bass stuff, then Pauli will play the guitars, and Lauri sings the last
  • Yes, see you soon in MEX, can’t wait!
  • Hey We gotta go now!!! Let’s do another chat when better connection…Take care!! A&L
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