Today Aki and Eero did a chat on Facebook answering some fans’ questions, here’s a transcript of what’s been written:

  • Chat time with Aki & Eki, any questions?
  • Have you ever screwed a screwdriver?:
    i have screwed many times.
  • When do you plan on touring Usa next and more specifically new jersey?!:
    we would love to come to new jersey, right now we don’t have any plan yet.
  • Alina: The gig in hamburg was amazing, as always! Hope to come back in the autumn!
  • we want to go the everywhere! but right now we are in swiss and tomorrow in mia
  • (aki, did you learn to play myself yet?)
    Olga: heheheh, i’ve played it couple of times, maybe 6-7 years ago…
  • eppu liimatta, how can we smuggle you into the london gig?
  • MJ:we played all the songs, when we had the album release party in Helsinki…
  • Who influenced you to become musicians?:
    Eero: i think the situation that we met in school and we were encouraged to play music.
  • looks like we need to do one meet&greet here, we’ll be back soon. Eero
  • Guys, Ukraine is going crazy about your upcoming gig!=)What have you done to us?=)
    Eero: i think we are quite crazy about going to ukraine, too! we have had some lovely time there
  • Lauris voice is getting better.
  • We don’t have Twitter, maybe we should.
  • Geni: We’re in Zurich!
  • Eero come back to chile please.
    Eero: i ‘ve been thinking of going to chile even just alone, i would like to see patagonia. but we want to play a concert there too!
  • i’m wondering which song will be the next single???? (please “sky”) = We were thinking of Stranger!
  • i know you are coming to london very soon to do one gig, but will you be coming back in near future to do more ? and how is lauri’s voice now ? thank and xx…..xxxxxx
    Eero: lauri’s voice is going well today. and this venue is quite a nice place. they say it sounds good.
  • We love you, boys! We love you,we love you,we love you! Russia loves you! See you in Yekaterinburg! We have surprise for you! Say, please, “you arrive by plane or bus?”
    Eero: i think we arrive by plane. we also have a surprise for you too!
  • Please explain the yellow boots :)))
    Eero: lauri got the boots from science museum in heureka, vantaa. they are a chartity item for clean water.
  • Guys, I know it’s impossible for you to read all the questions but thank you for trying to answer some of them, even if you don’t even see the one I posted before…Loved your gig in Berlin, best concert ever! Please come back soon! And I’d be very happy if you released Stranger as a proper CD single! ;)
    Eero: thanks! it seems like making proper cd singles is not the right now.. but i used to love them as well. i have a lot of them in my shelf at home.
  • How was your video shooting in Tokyo? Is it coming up soon???
    Eero: hello naoko! shooting went well. it is already out, you can search “i’m a mess” in youtube.
  • Guys, I want to tell you (I did sent it to your mail, but you didn’t say anything to it, so I hope you read this). At the 30th may of 2010, my mom died of cancer. At her cremation I was able to chose a song, the song I chose was ‘Still Standing’. I want to thank you for all your music, since 2003 I’ve been loving you as my number 1 band, and still doing that, after all those years. (I was 9 back than, now I’m almost 19).
    Eero: yes we got your letter. such a beautiful letter. i’m sorry for you to hear the news but we are honored that our song was there.
  • moi tää tein uus levy on must tosi hyvä.. ja ne biisit upoo muhun mistä tää somewhere biisi muuten kertoo ja mistä idea tähän biisiin? hyvä biisi tykkään tosi paljon.. Terkkuija.. :)
    Eero: lauri sanoi että idea tai inspis tähän biisiin tuli sofia coppolan Somewhere-leffasta. (Moi, this new album of yours is very good, the songs sink into me. By the way, what’s this song “Somewhere” about and where did you get the idea for it? Good song, I like it really a lot… Greetings.
    Eero: Lauri said that the idea or inspiration for this song came from Sofia Coppola’s movie “Somewhere” – translation by Sharazan)
  • Are you going to shoot a video for Stranger (as maybe the next single) and when do you think you are going to do that? Also, I hope you have fun on tour! ^^
    Eero: yes we are going to record music video with Aku Louhimies, we will record it in singapore and it’s going to be quite crazy, i promise.
  • Hi guys!) I am writing on behalf of everyone Ukrainian fans. We would like to meeting with you in Kiev. Is it real?)))
    Eero: yes we must meet all the ukranian fans! definetely!
  • Are you planning yo make a Live DVD? That would be awesome!!
    Eero: we are planning to make a live dvd limited edition that includes some songs from this may tour plus some extra material from berlin zoo and other interesting places with us hosting it.
  • is your song Somewhere (my new favourite) about being in the band and being on tour? Or what’s it about?Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer our questions :D xXx
    Eero: i feel it is about the feeling that you need to change something in your life. that you’ve had too much of something and want to try something new.
  • What if you shoot a video for the song from the old albums?)
    Eero: it would be lovely, but then we wouldnt have time left for anything else..
  • hey thanks everyone for your time! i need to go now. ciao
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