On the Finnish website www.metropoli.net has been published today an artiche about the music video of Stranger, second single took from the new album of The Rasmus, revealing that the video is ready and it’ll be premiered in the next days on the Finnish online newspaper www.iltalehti.fi.

Here’s the full translation of the article, thanks to Sharazan.

The music video ready for the new single from The Rasmus

The video was directed by Aku Louhimies, an award-winning movie director and screenwriter.

The Rasmus packed a crown and a king’s cape in their luggage and travelled last week to the heat of Singapore to shoot their newest music video. For the video Lauri Ylönen got to wear the clothes of a 17th-century fairytale king who wakes up in a wrong place at the wrong time. The confused Lauri has adventures at the beaches of Singapore and in the beat of a big city, as the crown-wearing king walks on the streets without human-contacts until he finds his way out to a beachparty.

The idea for the video was originally developed amongst the members of the band, and they went on to get the director Aku Louhimies in to the project. After a fast decision about the trip, they were ready for the adventure.

According to Eero, they didn’t have permission for the filming, and they set up a campfire on the beach despite the danger of getting penalized by whipping by Singaporean authorities. They wandered onto a golf-course at 3 o’clock in the night, and they also tried to negotiate prostitutes to play the part of king’s friends, but without success. Eero says, that the favorite drink of Lauri and Aku turned out to be a green tea-frappucino, and Lauri got to sweat with his king’s clothing in the night-time temperature of +30°C in the tropical humidity. On top of it all, they managed to turn their stomachs upside down with the local chilibombs.

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