Last Monday Lauri was guest at the Finnish Basso Radio where he talked about the world of music and took stock of the situation of his solo project.
Here you can listen the interview, while hereinafter there’s a small recap of the interview, thanks to Sharazan.

Despite any big new has been said, the interview was very interesting especially because the two hosts are musicians themselves, and this let Lauri talk about the core and essence of music-making and about how big influence music has in his life.

The singer is happy how the internet is such a great way to make people aware of music. He’s not bothered by declining cd-sales, he likes about the fact that live-music is in such a high demand nowadays, and as a result bands and artists are touring more than ever.
For a month now he’s been doing his next solo-album, and he’s being assisted again by Antti Eräkangas.

The difference of this second work compared to the first album is that while the latter had some influences from the music of The Rasmus as some of the songs were originally demos of possible songs for the band, this time he started from “zero” and only time will tell where it takes the style and tone of the upcoming album. He’s kind of experimenting now more than on the first one.

In conclusion Lauri sees his career as a musician to continue far into the future, he doesn’t have any intention to quit with music.