Yesterday morning Lauri was guest at the Finnish radio program YleX Himotuimat, to promote his solo single “She’s a Bomb” but also to talk about The Rasmus, here’s the translation of the interview thanks to The Rasmus; Someone’s gonna translate you up:

Interviewer: This week we have Lauri for our Himoartisti-interview. Welcome!
Lauri: Thank you, thank you.

Interviewer: Lauri, your new song “She’s a Bomb” is playing on YleX and it has succeed in our Himotuimmat-list. It have had the first and second places until now. Why did you change your style to be something like this?
Lauri: It have been changing little by little. The first album was supposed to become The Rasmus-album at first, and that was it when I got the idea to start doing solo. The first album was like soft landing to this (laughs). And now this have worked itself loose from the band completely. It’s evolving into more electoric and house-like, as the newest song got the 90’s feel.

Interviewer: Yes. How much you’ve been justifying your new sound on your solo project?
Lauri: Well, I’ve got off lightly, because I avoid the justifying pretty much. It’s coming from inside, that’s the right way to start doing music. This single is not representing the whole album after all.

Interviewer: You got a lot electric sound on your solo project. How about The Rasmus, is there coming more electronics in there too?
Lauri: I don’t think so. We just made last year this song “Mysteria” and it had a little electric sound at the end. It was kind of my work, and I don’t know if that’s a good idea. Maybe it’s just better that I have these kind of two different boxes; The Rasmus and my own solo. Then I can throw my crazy ideas to solo, and Rasmus is like the real band and real work.

Interviewer: Real work?
Lauri: I mean like, solo is more like my hobby. Though I’m doing it fully. There’s no other people, who I need to ask and check if I can do like this and like that. I can do everything really spontaneously, if I got an idea, then I can just do what I feel like. It’s really nice feeling. The Rasmus has great things going on, but there’s a lot people working in there and the process is much slower.

Interviewer: And now you can decide on your own?
Lauri: Yes. Or of course we can decide for a lot of things, but…

Interviewer: But you don’t need to do compromise?
Lauri: Yes, that’s right. I don’t need to think, that the others might got embarrassed. If I’d start requiring, that I must put on my leopard-panties and jump all over the stage, it might be unpleasant to others.

Interviewer: Where did you got the idea to the music video, where you’re dressed as a woman stripper, from?
Lauri: Well, the atmosphere was really deranged from the beginning, and I though that it needs a music video like this. And one of my friends told me that the song reminds him of adult entertainment. That was something I hadn’t tried yet.

Interviewer: Right. They got quite a bomb out of you there.
Lauri: Wasn’t I hot?
Interviewer: Yes, yes. I was drooling while watching it. But hey Lauri, when we first heard this song live, the show was pretty confusing. I bet you’ve heard about it. There was three Amanda’s on the stage. Are your future shows going to be like that too?
Lauri: Not the same, but you can feel the direction I’m moving now. My solo career is still starting.

Interviewer: Tell us: “If my song is the first one in Himotuimmat-list -again-, I promise:”-
Lauri: … to do spaghetti.

Interviewer: Lauri, what do you covet right now?
Lauri: That I’d get to walk on the ice.

The audio of the whole radio show, obviously in Finnish, is available in this page.

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