In a recent interview on the Finnish Radio Rock, Lauri revealed that in the USA he’s working in a music publishing company called Kobalt, where songwriters from around the world own the copyrights to their own songs and get the royalties directly.

He participates in songwriting sessions in small groups. Lauri is called a “top liner”, and his task is to present the essential idea or melody or hook of a song for the other members of the group to work on. For example, the team may consist of three members, where one is Lauri and then is a track guy who works on the background music for the song, and the 3rd person writes the lyrics.

The songs can be for any world-class singer or for a TV-show, or just whatever purpose or occasion where music is needed. There are apparently hundreds of songwriters in the company, maybe even thousands.

For more infos about Kobalt, check out

In the same interview, they also talked about:

  • Lauri likes Kent, a Swedish-Finnish band that has now retired.
  • Lauri is enthusiastic about architecture, and he likes to plan and design even the smallest details on computer
  • Lauri wondered about how shameless the paparazzi are, sometimes following him in the USA, but not in Finland.
  • Lauri’s top 10 songs from the past (there were bands and artists like Slayer, Daft Punk, Lou Reed, System of a Down, etc…).

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