By the 14th anniversary of “The Rasmus Hellofasite” project launch, we had the pleasure to ask Eero some questions, happy reading!

How did it felt to be back on tour last year? It’s been quite an intense year talking about live shows…
2018 was full of shows, which was great experience for us, after all the more quiet years. I think we enjoy it still a lot!

The songs from “The Rasmus” album have completely disappeared from the last tour’s setlist, why?
We wanted to make space for newer songs.. sometimes you also need distance to the past that feels like it’s too close, when you create something new.

Although there are some references to the past like in “Wonderman” and “Teardrops”,”Dark matters” is probably your most different album since “Into”, especially if we think for example about “Hide From The Sun”,What lead to this change? Do we have to expect you to keep this style in the future?
It’s been a long pause and we’re working with new producers who are really strong in electronic sounds. I feel that in a way we also needed to see what is possible inside The Rasmus limits.

Is there a song in this album you’re particularly proud of or that it’s more important than others to you?
I like “Wonderman” and “Paradise” a lot, they both sound like Rasmus and interesting and fresh.

“Wonderman” talks about being a superhero and it’s been also part of the soundtrack of the Finnish superhero movie “Rendel”; what superhero or fictional character would you like to be and why?
Uuuhh.. dunno. When I was a kid I dreamt about going to space.. perhaps that’s what a superhero does?

Talking about your new single, what’s your personal Holy Grail? Did you find it or you’re still looking for it? Can we expect it to be included in a special edition of “Dark Matters” or it’s a stand alone single?
It is a stand alone. My personal Holy grail is definitely the moments when the mind is empty and I can just enjoy the peace.. and I’m looking for those moments every day.

Is there an artist or a band you’ve always wanted to collaborate with, or a project you’ve been thinking about for long that you haven’t realized yet? Talking both as a band or in your solo careers.
Linking Park is interesting, some singers are interesting like the one in Nightwish and the one in Amaranthe.

This year will be the band’s 25th anniversary. How do you feel looking back to your career? How did you change, personally and professionally?
Well, almost everything has changed in 25 years.. only the friendship has remained the same. Even music industry is not the same any more. But I think it’s all for the better.

Do you have any special plans to celebrate this important anniversary?

How do you see yourselves in another 25 years?
Hoping that the friendship is still there!

Can we expect a new album soon? What can you reveal us about it?
Not in 2019, but let’s hope soon after that. A slightly more rockier sound compared to Dark Matters.

What’s the song from the old albums you still love the most and the one you’d wish you never released? If there’s one.
I’ve been listening to “The One I Love” recently, interesting, moody.

Last January you finished to shoot your next short film, “Escape By Sea”. How was to work on this project? And when do you think we’ll be able to see it?
Im hoping for good film festival life for the film now, it has been completed just recently.

Thanks for the IV! Eero

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