Last month Lauri was guest at the Finnish Radio Nova and he also talked about the upcoming The Rasmus’ tour, that should start this fall, probably after their new album’s release.

Here’s the translation of the main parts of the interview, that was broadcasted the 19th of February:

I’m now leaving for Los Angeles in two weeks, I’ll be there for 3 months, then I come back in the summer for 3 months, and then our tour starts. That’s when we will be here and there – everywhere – with the band.

As soon as we jump into the tour bus, something magical happens at the door, all the responsibilities and fatherhood kind of stay outside the door of the bus. The togetherness we have is an amazing feeling, and I wish it would never end. We’ve been doing this for 23 years, and it’s more than friendship between us, it’s brotherhood, like another family to all of us. We can have “man talks” between us, and open up about our lives to each other. It’s like a “getaway” from our normal daily lives.

Many thanks to Sharazan Finland for the translation.

The video of the full interview (in Finnish) is available here.

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