This morning Lauri was guest at the radio station Radio Helsinki to talk mainly about his solo project that’s going on under the name of Amanda and his next tasks as judge at the Finnish version of Idols.

In this page is available the podcast of the interview, obviously in Finnish, while hereinafter there’s a quick recap of the most relevant things that’s been said, thanks to Sharazan:

  • no gigs have been booked for Amanda, and it’s possible, that they first wait for the release of the album (estimated to happen in January) before they make any plans for gigs or tours.
  • it’s a possibility, that Lauri may make a solo album of his own name again in the future, if he feels like it.
  • the first EP, “1st”, was released with a lollipop attached to it, 1000 copies were made, and they were sold at the festivals. A copy with the original lollipop still attached is really valuable, whoever is lucky enough to own one.
  • Lauri and Eero go sometimes fishing together on Eero’s little rubber boat, they do it with fishing nets.
  • the making of new material for The Rasmus starts now in July.
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