Yesterday morning Lauri was guest at the Finnish Radio Aalto to present his new single “She’s A Bomb” released the same day, and to talk also about future plans of The Rasmus besides his solo project.

Here and here you can watch the video interview, while hereinafter there’s the translation thanks to Annukka Ylinen.

Interviewer: Good morning, Lauri Ylönen!
Lauri: Thank you.

Interviewer: So, what is it about She’s a Bomb? Your video is on the frontpage of both, our Radio Aalto Dynastia and Radio Aalto’s facebook. Is that so, it isn’t supposed to be there yet?
Lauri: Yes, that’s right. I think our lovely Nelonen did bring it out a week too early.
Interviewer: Whoops, how is that possible?
Lauri: Well, that happens.
Interviewer: But the song went on sale today, so it’s published today?
Lauri: I don’t even know anymore. I think it doesn’t matter that much.
Interviewer: I just bought it from iTunes. It wasn’t available earlier, when I tried.
Lauri: The premiere was supposed to be today, in the Voice of Finland.

Interviewer: I heard some rumors, that the video isn’t for the little ones, so that’s because it’s premiere isn’t today, in the Voice of Finland.
Lauri: Yes, there’s a little naughty atmosphere going on in that video, so that’s because it had to be published after 11 pm.
Interviewer: Lauri, when I saw that video for the first time,
Lauri: Yeah?
Interviewer: And started watching it, I felt like: “Well, okay, this seems cool, there’s this girl and a pole dancer”. After that, as smart as I am, I noticed: “Wait a minute, that’s a man performing the girl” And I started thinking right away: “Who of my drag-colleagues got this job” and felt a little bitter. “They wanted somebody else doing this task!”. And it took me so long to realize, that it was the artist himself! How did your thoughts get to this point, that you are there, dressed as a woman, and doing pole dancing?
Lauri: Yeah, it started from this that I played the song for my friend, and he said that It feels like watching porn.
Interviewer: Yesh!
Lauri: So I knew I had to make a music video like this, so I got to play some roles. That’s what I hadn’t tried yet, adult entertainment. And so now I got to play/fool around with myself, which feels a little selfish idea.
Interviewer: And so this was the first idea for the MV, not any for a long time been considered thought?
Lauri: Maybe there was this internal feel, which I wanted to bring out or something.
Interviewer: I started thinking, was this meant to be so big difference from that Lauri, who’s maybe known as a little shy, tousle-haired boy?
Lauri: Yeah well, my friend told me yesterday that “You’ve got that kind of fart-ish sense of humour, but people just don’t know about it”.
Interviewer: Okay, now they do!
Lauri: Yes, it shared a lot of opinions, some of these, who adore gothic-like stuff, are kind of offended about the video. They’re like “What’s happening to you?”. And some are: “Yeah, awesome!”

Interviewer: Even the song is kind of different compared to your first solo. How it has been received, what kind of comments do you get?
Lauri: Very contradictory, but mostly positive. They’re like “That’s really punk!”.
Interviewer: How was the video shootings, did you have fun?
Lauri: Yes, downright very restless funtime. We were at Umeå where lives Owe Lingvall, who with I had done some previous videos, too. And we have Amanda, this glove puppet, who shows up in these videos. We got to play with puppets again. Owe’s another +40 years old man too, so that’s a little strange way to spend your Friday-night, I guess. You know, in the dark Umeå, in Owe’s home just shooting a video and stripping for the camera.

Interviewer: How many pole dancing lessons done?
Lauri: Well, actually zero. This is the fun part, there’s actually a stand-in-actor for my “body”, that’s how much I have to confess and take back.
Interviewer: Oohh!
Lauri: Even my best friends are like: “Damn, you’ve got a nice ass!” I’m like thank you, thank you.
Interviewer: You’re doing like americans, you got a “body-double”?
Lauri: It’s so well-made, people can’t tell how is it!
Interviewer: And now you told it to them.
Lauri: Yes, the whole thing is flatten now.
Interviewer: Actually, that makes my life easier.
Lauri: I knew it, you were a little envious!
Interviewer: I really was like: “He’s taking others plots!” Secondly, if I’m living with your outputs too, I don’t have any afford to say. Revenge of live, in this situation. Lauri, you should’ve seen Jarkko’s face when he first saw this video. There was a lot going on in his head, real admiration, you fit so well for the lady’s role.
Lauri: Yes.
Interviewer: Really credible. And for the other role too, the macho one.
Lauri: Yes, that’s another groovy role, this opponent.
Interviewer: Yes. The fun part came from the fact, that I recognized you as the drag lady only after when I saw you as the macho man. After I saw the other role again I realized: “wait a minute, it’s Lauri too!”
Lauri: Now I started to feel like that we should tell people, where you can watch this video.
Interviewer: Oh, yes, as I said earlier, from Radio Aalto Dynastia and Radio Aalto facebook-pages you can find the link.
And that’s how sounds Lauri – She’s a Bomb, the album comes out in the fall. Maybe until then they can fit in some other singles. The official date of publication was today, after those leakages happened a week ago.
So, Lauri, you think that the spring has come today?
Lauri: Yes, I’ve got this annual ritual to shout out my spring shout 15.3.. And I heard that some others do that too.

Interviewer: What is “spring shout” like?
Lauri: It’s just… Should I shout it now?
Interviewer: Of course!
Lauri: Just shout out of your car window, like I did with my son this morning: “AAAAH!”. People look after me: “There he goes again…”
Interviewer: Somebody told me that “Ronja the Robber’s Daughter” got comparable spring shout?
Lauri: I just said it, maybe I’ve heard that as a child, and then I just started doing it as my own thing. We can share it.
Interviewer: We’ll never know who invented it first. But spring shout, what a wonderful ritual! And now it spreads all over the world. Spring is here!
Lauri: This is where the spring starts!
Interviewer: It affects to all Finns, the fact that Ylönen does it, then we all got in our minds: Spring is here, and soon summer.


Interviewer: What’s happening, I started to hear Kristiina Komulainen’s voice!
Kristiina: I’m under the table!
Interviewer: Kristiina Komulainen is here! Krisu, what are you doing here? Moi!
Kristiina: Moi! I’ve been missing you so much, and then I heard that Lauri was here and you are talking about the new video, so I’ve got one thing related to Lauri’s look. Partially for you, but mostly for Lauri himself. And a question, if I may ask?
Interviewer: We’re listening.

Kristiina: Good. It was year 2004 or 2005, and we had a Christmas party at my job. We were supposed to dress as celebrities. I dressed as Lauri Ylönen, I got my wig and feathers and I taped my breasts. I felt and looked pretty boyish, since I was learning how to act like a boy. I went straigt to my role, and after a couple of ciders it seemed even better all the time. First we had our own private party, where I of course got to be undisturbed. After it we went to a night club, and I hadn’t though this before it: Today I’m Lauri Ylönen! We went to the night club, and women freaked out completely. I think I got to live your life for a little while. In a public place, at night, in a bar!
Lauri: Did you got beaten?
Kristiina: No, but there was like ten woman chasing after me, touching, they ripped me, and I couldn’t even move alone in that night club anymore. Because I was you. I wanted to ask you: Can you even go to a bar anymore, and how does your head resist all that?
Interviewer: And do you even want to go to a bar?
Lauri: Well, when I get away from my fortress, that happens. People do identify me pretty much.
Kristiina: As a mild expression.
Lauri: I feel that a lot, but not all in Finland. I don’t even notice that anymore, I’m immune.
Kristiina: But how is that night club behavior, since people has took a little alcohol and such. The reaction was so violent. I was so surprised, this is it like to live as Lauri!
Interviewer: Do people attack you?
Lauri: Middle-aged women might, they’re the worst.
Interviewer: Middle-aged drunk women! They’re got no manners.
I’ve got a theory about this. Why Lauri is that kind of quiet guy, and why did people attack Kristiina so much. I bet that, when I’ve seen Lauri in a bar, he’s pretty peaceful and he doesn’t make so big deal about himself. He’s there like: “I’m here now, and I’m going to be with my friends”. But I can imagine, how Kristiina Komulainen comes in, all the feathers in her hair, there’s like a brass band around her: “NOTICE! I’M HERE!” So it could be easier to get the attention.
Kristiina: That’s true, and it could be like that, but I wanted to respect Lauri. And so I realized that I must behave well. Everything would’ve gone unglued, if I’d go to mess around, vomited all over and danced on the tables on your expense. So I behaved really well when I was you!
Interviewer: Kristiina, that’s what we all say in the morning after the restaurant evening. “I behaved SO well yesterday, this can’t be a bad thing!”
Lauri: So it wasn’t halloween?
Kristiina: No no, a Christmas party.
Lauri: That’s good, thank you.
Kristiina: At least I think I behaved well back then.
Interviewer: Don’t even try, Lauri knew your story already, Kristiina, and that’s why in his new video he’s acting your role!
Lauri: That’s right, I was just about to tell that. Good one.

Interviewer: But which one of them?
Lauri, you’re going to perform tonight at the Voice of Finland, what kind of show we’re getting? What kind of character you’re playing there?
Lauri: I’m not going to tell that, but it’s not going to be an ordinary show either.
Interviewer: Sounds good!
Lauri: Yes.

Interviewer: Wait, I’m trying to find… This morning, I got a friend request from a strange direction; A facebook community called “TheRasmus Paraguay”. Of course I accepted that, and went straight to their page, and first there was a picture of me, Jarkko and Anna, and the text here says: “Este es el Link del programa que transmitira la entrevista con Lauri mañana a las 8:30 (hora de Finlandia), no estoy segura si lo podremos ver online, pero despues seguro suben la entrevista!”. As translated it’s: “Lauri Ylönen at Finnish radio for an interview, everybody listen!” Holy shit, in Paraguay! *laughter* This happened last time too, when…
Lauri: Give me the globe, please.
Interviewer: …Fans from South-America contacted us.
Lauri: Yeah, they are pretty active there, it’s like night in there right now.
Interviewer: Your fans are really active and really accurate!
Lauri: Yes, they are. Actually we are going in there with The Rasmus at April.
Interviewer: You’re going in there, so what does that mean?
Lauri: Doing some gigs.
Interviewer: They are listening to us in Paraguay right now. Annika, you can speak Spanish. Send them some greetings.
Annika: ¡Hola Paraguay!
Interviewer: Thank you. Good that we have you, Annika, we could’ve never said that without you.

Annika: Yes, but Lauri, you just came back from Los Angeles this week, why were you in there?
Lauri: I was shooting another music video.
Annika: Well, how’s that going to be?
Lauri: We’ll see, we’ll see, they’re now working on it so it will be done sometime soon.

Interviewer: It’s funny how when you started doing your album like this, in the future people will be like: “Oh okay, what’s next?”
Lauri: Yes. I’ve got to do better every time.
Annika: Is there going to be more characters?
Lauri: Umm, I’m not gonna tell.
Interviewer: The question was like: “Is there going to be Putous (a Finnish television program) by Lauri Ylönen?”
Lauri: I’ve been thinking the same, maybe I’ve been watching to it too much. And now I like to put on some fake moustaches and such.

Interviewer: Okay. Let’s take the last question here. Before this next solo album there was album with the band, and before it there was your first solo album. I remember how the feeling was at the beginning of The Rasmus: “We’re friends forever!”. As Dee Snider was telling that Twisted Sister’s never going to break up. And btw, year after that, it did broke up. Anyway, how has it changed? Solo album, band album, solo album, what’s your relationship to the band? The Rasmus is still going strong?
Lauri: Yes, definitely. Actually, in the summer we’re going to start doing new songs, so this is kind of overlapped.

Interviewer: Is it changing, are you like “It’s just a job”? I remember how some band told a little cynical way that “it’s just a job, nothing else”.
Lauri: It’s a little different, with the band it’s settled down more than doing solo, which hasn’t been settle down at all. It feels restful to know that there’s some clear thing to do, when we’re gathering in June to do new Rasmus-songs. We have our visions and a few gigs.

Interviewer: Is this solo like you’re more free to do whatever you want, whenever you want?
Lauri: Yes, it’s really spontaneous project. If I got something on my mind today, tomorrow it can be done already.

Interviewer: Okay! And we can’t do nothing but wait, and enjoy it when something’s happening and you’re bringing us some new stuff. And today starting 8 pm at Nelonen we’re waiting to see what kind of show you have for us about She’s a Bomb in the Voice of Finland.
Lauri: Yes.
Interviewer: Lauri Ylönen, thank you!
Lauri: Thank you!

And here’s the performance of She’s a Bomb at The Voice of Finland.

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