Yesterday morning Aki and Lauri were guests at two Finnish radios: Radio NRJ and then Voice.
In the interview at Radio NRJ nothing new has been added, they simply chatted about ordinary things. The podcast of this interview can be listened at this links:
1st part
2nd part
3rd part

In the first file they talk about what possibly caused Nightwish and Anette Olzon parting ways monday (1st of October), and how The Rasmus avoids similar conflicts.

In the second file, the wacky-voiced introduction was said that in the years between 1899-2012 there has been 7700 people named in Finland with the name Rasmus, of which women are 15 (it’s a male name). Currently for 377 people it’s also the last name, 41 of them live abroad. Rasmus comes from the word Erasmus, which comes from the Greek word “Erasmios”, and means “Loved one”. October 24th is the nameday of Rasmus in Finland.
Lauri called that introduction “wonderful”, he and Aki didn’t know that Rasmus means actually “loved one”.

They were asked then about what does the “indefinite hiatus” mean in their case, and Lauri repeats what he has said before, they’ll take a break for some time and come back when they feel like it.

About solo-material, Lauri says it’s coming out next year, but doesn’t know yet when exactly.

Aki doesn’t have any particular ambitions about doing other music-related stuff during the hiatus, but if there will be good offers, he would seriously think about it, but reminds that The Rasmus is his primary interest, anything else would be a second project.

In the third file, Lauri tells that Eero keeps a diary about every gig they have, about the feelings and observations during the gig.

Lauri and Aki were asked to reveal some secret about each other, and Aki told, that Lauri washes teeth far too often, many times a day, and always before and after the gig.
Lauri in turn revealed about Aki, that Aki spends a lot more time on his short hair than Lauri does with his long hair, but Aki laughed to that statement and disagreed.

Thanks to Sharazan for the recap.

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