Last Tuesday the 12th of June The Rasmus performed at a free festival organized by the Finnish radio station Radio Aalto in Helsinki.
During that day Aki and Lauri did a video interview where the singer revealed that the band has already a new song ready that needs just to be recorded and that they’ve already the idea for its music video.

Here you can watch the interview in Finnish, and below there’s a translation of what’s been said thanks to Sharazan:

Lauri was asked about the feelings in the band, and he said the atmosphere is great. The guys are feeling enthusiastic and creative, and Lauri is proud of how fantastic band they have. Touring is fun and it feels like a hobby.

One good example of their creativity was to get an idea for a brand new song recently. Lauri told, that they were actually going next day (Wednesday 13.6) to make the idea into a song. Lauri didn’t reveal the name yet, but said with a laugh, that even though the song hasn’t been done in the studio yet, they already have an idea for the video, and even the shooting-day has been set.

Lauri was asked about what’s the most important thing to have for him personally on tour, and he says the guitar is a must. He prepares for every gig by trying to find ideas for new songs, and the guitar is useful for it.
However, recently he has had a new method where he’s developing songs without the guitar or any other instruments. He plays variations of different melodies in his head, because using any instrument can set too much limitations to what the song can become.

Aki says, that somehow during their recent European tour they had more fun than ever. He doesn’t know how it’s possible and how to explain it, but that’s how he feels. He’s suprised, that still after 13 years it can feel so enjoyable to be in such an amazing band with three awesome guys.