In february 2010 was announced that Eero was making a documentary about the Finnish singer Chisu, and now he revealed that the documentary is ready.

For the past four years the bassist of The Rasmus has been following the career of the Finnish singer Chisu, who in that time has risen to fame as one of the most popular female artists in Finland.

Chisu (by real name Christel Sundberg) is a highly talented musician, who has won several Emma-awards and also makes songs for many other artists.

Eero tells, that making the documentary has been fun, particularly because Chisu can so openly talk about her life, also about personal matters.

The documentary will be aired on Finnish Ava-channel in the coming autumn.

For more infos visit Chisu’s official website or Facebook page (both just in Finnish).

Thanks to Sharazan for the report.

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