This morning Aki and Lauri were guests at the Finnish tv show Huomenta Suomi to talk about the upcoming album of the band, The Rasmus, that will be released this week.

Here you can watch the show, while hereinafter there’s a summary of the most important things that’s been said, thanks to Sharazan:

The album comes out this week in about 20 countries “and then we’ll take a look at more after it”.

Aki says, that the band made 20-30 songs at the training camp last summer, and then chose 10 for this album

According to Lauri, using his energy for the solo material helped to make a good album for The Rasmus, as it was beneficial for his creativity to do something else for a change.

Aki says, that although the release of a new album is a stressful situation after selling nearly 4 million albums worldwide, their street teams and fan groups are very active, which helps to make the people aware of the new album.

Lauri is happy that they did this album very much by themselves, they feel much more confident with this one than with the previous one, Black Roses. With Black Roses a lot of other people had an influence in the process of making it, which made Lauri feel like the focus kind of got lost sometimes. He’s grateful for having the chance to have been working with Desmond Child, it was an interesting and educative experience to work together. Now this album the guys did very much by themselves, they made what they felt in their hearts that they must do, and Lauri is very happy with the final result.

A fan had sent in a question about where Lauri and Aki see themselves 10 years from now, and Lauri says he hopes they’re still doing the same things as the past 18 years. Aki says, that they don’t know what else they could do, this is what they do the best. Lauri agrees, and says they will definitely be involved in making music. The making of the new album has made it clear for Lauri how great the atmosphere is inside the band, and they have already had talks about the next album after this new album.

A fan asked about how the guys have divided the different tasks in the band, and Aki says, that Lauri and Pauli are the principal songmakers, Lauri writes the lyrics, and Eero makes documentary-style videos about what happens with the band, he has almost always a camera with him. Eero also spent recently three months in Nepal and India filming his debut indie-movie. Aki says about his own tasks, that he tries to be modern and update their Facebook. According to Lauri, Aki is also the managing director of the band, but Aki downplays that role, and says he rather concentrates on the music side.

Lauri says, that they had a new approach in the making of songs. This time they gave a chance also for material that didn’t seem good at all in the beginning, but as they kept trimming and tweaking it, those songs changed shape totally from what they were originally, and the final result turned out to be good. Two of the songs on the new album were born like that.

Aki says, that it’s a great feeling to go out on tour again. They got a message right before the interview from their manager Seppo Vesterinen, that the gigs in London and Köln have been sold out. Aki says it feels good, because it shows that people are really looking forward to seeing and hearing the band again.

Last week the new album was also presented on the Finnish Radio Nova where all the new songs were played as preview and on Sunday the 15th the band were at the radio to play a little acoustic set that can be viewed here, and answer to some questions sent by fans during the week. The answers (mostly in English) can be read at the following links:
Aki’s answers
Eero’s answers
Lauri’s answers
Pauli’s answers

Besides the fact that Pauli said that the new single from The Rasmus-album will be Stranger, in one answer in Finnish Eero also mentioned the possibility to release a live DVD by the year, here’s the translation of his answer always thanks to Sharazan:
Eero says, that the songs that mean a lot to him on the new album are “Sky” and “I’m A Mess”. Sky has been his favorite for a long time, they already had a version about it years ago, and the lyrics in I’m A Mess feel very personal. Right now his favorite song is “Someone’s Gonna Light You Up”. They have had plans on making a live-DVD in the future, and it would contain also other material than just music. According to Lauri, the live-DVD may be coming out in the autumn.

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