Few days later the new album’s release, The Rasmus are already thinking about the next one, indeed at an interview with Lauri and Pauli this morning at the Finnish Ylex Radio they stated that they’re planning the new album’s release for the fall of 2014, confirming their aim already expressed many times to release albums more often than every four years.

Here it’s available the audio of the interview, while hereinafter there’s the tranlsation of the part where they talked about the next album’s release, thanks Sharazan to for it:
Radio host: It’s been 4 years since the previous album from The Rasmus. When is the next album coming up?
Lauri: In the Fall of 2014.
Pauli: Yeah.
Lauri: I’ve stayed up all night making a good plan for us.
Pauli: Let’s start quickly to make songs.
Lauri: The Fall of 2014 would be a good time for a new release.
Pauli: Yeah. That’s what we have agreed. Kissa Ja Hiiri (Cat And Mouse).