By The Rasmus’ performance at the Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu to present their new single “I’m a mess”, the band gave some interviews, for one of them I had the pleasure to send some questions; here’s the video of the interview in Finnish, and below there’s the translation in english thanks to Sharazan.
A big thanks also to Larry Neil from Chaos Tube who made this possible!

Larry: How’s the band doing?
Lauri: We’re doing great. We’ve just come back to Finland from Japan where we were making a music video. Now we’re here at UMK-contest as the opening number to perform our new song “I’m a Mess” for the first time.

Larry: You were filming it for this new…
Lauri: Yes.

Larry: When will it be out? This question is from a fan organization from Italy.
Lauri: Yeah, well, if I remember right, the single will be out on March 5th electronically on iTunes. Also our updated website at will be opening anytime soon, there will be all kind of things for the fans to wonder. Tonight (25.2) I’m singing in a bit of a flu, but let’s do it and make the band’s wheels spinning again.
Aki: Yes and the album is coming out on April 18th.

Larry: On your previous album you had a certain theme. Do you have a certain theme again for this one?
Lauri: I don’t know if any certain theme, but it’s a relaxed album, we did it in a relaxed atmosphere like in the old times. It’s a result of our rehearsal place sessions at Nosturi last summer. It was quite spontaneous process, which can be heard in the music.

Larry: How far into the future do you have plans? Is it just about this album and tour and that’s it, or will you be going without any particular plans?
Aki: We probably do as we feel good. First we’ll keep an eye on how the first single will do, and how the radio and the fans receive it. By the way, our next tour in Finland will be on October, tickets will come for sale on March 5th. Come and check us out.
Eero: I might also add, that we have an intention to continue with The Rasmus also in the future. We have some early versions of more new songs that we rehearsed last summer, but since we weren’t able to complete them yet, those songs will be on the next album after this new album.

Larry: Alright, that’s all for now. I wish you everything good with the new song and the new album. Thank you.
The Rasmus: Thank you.

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