Today Aki and Lauri were guests at Yle TV1 Aamu-TV morning show and radio YleX Finland to talk about the upcoming single of The Rasmus, I’m a mess and the next projects of the band.
Here’s a summary of what’s been said, thanks to Sharazan:

The Rasmus has financed the making of the new album from their own pockets. Lauri said, that they had learned a lot from the past experiences, so after the deal with the previous record label ended, the band decided to do this album on their own.
The previous album, Black Roses, was made with a famous American producer, and while it was a good experience, things went too big, there started to be pressure “from some big companies”, as a lot of money was involved in the making of the album. It all wasn’t good for keeping up a relaxed feeling or for the artistic development, so with the upcoming new album they wanted to keep all control in their own hands.

They decided to make 10 songs, and when the songs would be ready, they would go to studio. That approach felt refreshing for Lauri, he says it brought a certain fresh drive into the songs, drawing similarities to their material 12 years ago.
The new album is a result of spending two months rehearsing and playing together last summer, and in October they went to studio with their producer partner from the past, Martin Hansen.

Aki said, that they have been listening to their old albums to get a better perspective on what they have done in the past. Continuing the collaboration with Martin was a natural decision.

According to Aki, the first single “I’m a Mess” was actually the last song to be made for the album. The same happened with the previous album, as “Livin’ In A World Without You” was the last song to be written for Black Roses, but became the first single. “I’m a Mess” was originally just a 2-minute demo, but the atmosphere in the song was so strong, that they decided to record it at the end.

The world premiere of the song is on the 25th of February in UMK-contest (Contest of New Music) in Finland. The Rasmus isn’t competing, but they open the show “with a spectacle of a performance”, as Aki calls it.

Lauri said, that his solo-career has been beneficial for The Rasmus. He feels, that “The more you create, the more you get done”, as he got new ideas also for the band while making solo-material.

It’s been four years since the last The Rasmus-album, and Lauri feels it’s unacceptable that it’s been already such a long time.

Aki said they are excited to go on tour with the new material. He’s been a devoted family-man the past years, and feels it’s refreshing to go on the road again. They feel nostalgic about the past, as years ago they used to wake up on the floor of the rehearsal place in the mornings, nowadays they wake up at home to the call of their children. Lauri said, that he feels “hell of a good” about having seen so many different sides of life as a rocker, and is happy with his life.

Aki says they feel “hungry” about the Spring, they hardly can wait to hear what people say about the new single, and later about the new album. In a couple of weeks they go to Japan to shoot new music video in Tokyo, and “Somehow it feels more exciting than before”, he says.

They don’t know yet who will release the new album, but what is certain is the fact, that February 25th will be the first gig with the new material, and they look forward to it with excitement.