Being the day of Lauri’s solo album release near, on the website has been published an article where the singer gave the meaning of all the songs included in New World, here’s the original article in Finnish, while hereinafter there’s the translation thanks to Sharazan:

This song has still the vocal tracks and original lyrics of the demo-version left. The song was totally improvised, and maybe that’s the reason why it’s one of the most fresh and surprising tunes for me. The same spontaneity went on to become the theme of the entire album. Any detail that felt good during the recording session was left intact, and wasn’t touched later.

The first single Heavy was also the first song for this album. I was visiting Pauli in Singapore when I got the idea about music that would be fitting for a nightride in a car. Actually Nightride was the working title of the album. The lyrics are a reference to the freedom of speech and the lack of it.

Have A Little Mercy
Have A Little Mercy has a rather sensitive subject: anorexia. Looking into the mirror isn’t always easy for anybody, but for some people self-criticism gets out of control. The pressure that comes from the “examples” around us distort people’s conception about beauty.

In this song an innocent girl is executed in front of the crowd. The lyrics are about wondering how does it really feel to die. The melody of the song is rather artistic, and it has a touch of Björk to it.

In The City
In The City is a real nightride song, it has an amazing night-time atmosphere. In this song I question a too hasty marriage. Almost all of my acquaintances who have been married have already divorced. It seems that it’s pointless to rush with getting married, and marriage isn’t meant for all couples, or it’s not necessary. I’ve never sung with such a high pitch as in this song.

You Don’t Remember My Name
A story about falling in love with someone who doesn’t notice you at all. There’s something very Finnish about the melody.

Because Of You
Because Of You is the first and possibly the last song I’ve made about my son, Julius. The song is about his influence on my life.

What Are You Waiting For?
The lyrics are about a one-night stand. The song is quite a hot blast!

Got You On My Mind
This song has an exiting atmosphere. I sang the song as calmly as I could, in one take. It would be nice to hear this song in the background of a movie! The lyrics are quite psychedelic, and frankly I’m not sure even myself about what I did.

New World
A live gig could easily start with this song! It has a hint of a judgment day and Terminator to it. The song has a guest named Vicky, who is a robot.

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