Today Lauri was guest at the Finnish radio Metro FM to promote his solo project, but without forgetting The Rasmus.

Here it’s available the audio of the interview (in Finnish obviously) in three parts, while here it’s available a video shot in the same time, and here’s the translation (thanks to Sharazan for it):

Lauri was asked about what kind of material he’s gonna release on his solo album. He says he calls it electropop, “it has a lot of influence from synthesized music, and basically no guitars at all, it’s kind of a techno-techno stuff, and many people will be surprised by the sound”. He’s been interested in that kind of music for quite some time, and now was a good time to make his plans come true. The material didn’t work out with The Rasmus, Lauri told with a laugh how the reaction from the guys was like “What the hell, do we have to take dance lessons now?”. Lauri has been inspired by Daft Punk, he finds the kind of minimalistic and lingering music pleasant to his ear. According to him, The Rasmus’ music has been “quite multi-melodic and turbo-charged stuff”, but now he has “two worlds where to go for an adventure: one is the experimental world with machines, and the other is the pop-rock of The Rasmus”.
The idea about the solo album was his way to get some “fresh air” for a change, and he believes this is good also for The Rasmus in the future, as he is feeling relieved now (apparently about this opportunity to do other kind of music for a change).

Lauri was asked about what’s the situation with The Rasmus, and he told that Eero lives nowadays in Italy and Pauli is in Singapore as usual, but both will be back in Finland at the beginning of July, and that’s when they plan on starting to play together for the next 3 months (apparently for the next album).

Lauri was asked if there will be guest vocalists on the solo album, but Lauri says there is none, there were so many new elements to put together with this type of music, that there wasn’t place for guest vocalists for now. Lauri was producing this album, and also playing on it, singing, composing, and recorded it. Antti Eräkangas from Kwan was “the master of the machines, he knows how to push the buttons”, so Lauri tried to describe the kind of sound that he had in mind, and then Antti tried to program it. Lauri says it was a good cooperation between them.

Lauri was asked “What was the turning point in the career of The Rasmus, was it the success of In The Shadows, or something else?” Lauri says there were two turning points, the first was the release of their first album, and the other was the song F-f-f-falling in 2000 as then the deal with a new record label was made, “and things started to have more of an international feel to it”. He was asked “Wasn’t it somebody from outside of the band who suggested that F-f-f-falling should to released also as a single?”, to which Lauri says with a chuckle “It’s pretty much always like that with our singles”. The band kind of “becomes deaf” to their own songs after playing them over and over again, so sometimes it helps to have an outsider telling them what sounds good. They sometimes fall in love with things that might not work so well for everybody else, “and actually that’s what worries me about my solo-project too”, he laughs. The interviewers then tell Lauri not to worry about it, as there definitely will be people out there who will like his music. Lauri then admits he carries alone the responsibility on how his music will succeed.
Lauri was asked if he would like to follow Eero and Pauli’s footsteps, and move living abroad, to which Lauri says, that he could like the kind of seasonal periods of living elsewhere, and he has always envied his big sister who has lived like half a year in Spain and then France, and so on. But on the other hand, Lauri has the band, which has made it possible to travel a lot, and Finland is his base.

About movies, he has no desire to start a movie career, his only input on that field is music for the movie Blackout. He says about his experience on Blackout, that “it was hell of a cool to compose for it”. He got keywords from the director for particular scenes in the script to help determine what kind of music was needed. Lauri liked the “artistic feeling” in sitting down at the piano and composing for it.

About music videos, Lauri was involved a lot in the making of “Heavy”, he says it opened a whole new world to him, and he had his hand in production design, story, lighting, and many other things. He enjoyed the experience of spending a couple of weeks making it, the director of the video is Owe Lingvall. The video is a story of the handpuppet Amanda, and Lauri is proud of the outcome, calling it “A nice video, and very different than anything I’ve done before”.

About the videos of The Rasmus, he’s a bit tired of how the videos must have been made to present the band in a certain way. For example, somebody from the record label may have told him to look sexy and sing into the microphone and make eye-contact with the camera and then the guys would always be shown like who plays what and how, and then a girl wanders around and a butterfly flies past, Lauri says they have done way too many videos like that.

About his solo-album, Lauri was asked if there’s some particular place where he would like to perform. He said he’s been playing his music to his friends and collegues, and he’s also been recruiting staff and crew for the possible live performances, and Lauri says the reaction from those people has been like “Yes! We get to play in all kind of new places! Bring on the beach parties!”. But to be serious, they have constructed everything so that they can perform anywhere. There will be 2 other people besides him on the stage performing now at the beginning, both are his old school-friends. The setup can be modified easily, so they may well have guest artists or additional vocalists too. But all depends on how it starts going. He says he’s a “very humble boy” about the start of the solo-project, and he intends to take small steps, and only time will tell how things will evolve. The single “Heavy” will be released only in downloadable form. Amanda the puppet won’t be present at the Emma-gala this weekend, but pictures of her can be seen on Lauri’s own Facebook-page, and “the moving Amanda” will be presented on the video next week.