In the website has been published a small article connected to the video shoot on the set of the Heavy music video, already signalled yesterday.

Here’s the translation of the article, thanks to Vitor:

Television: Finnish rock star filming in Obbola

In great secrecy the singer of the Finnish The Rasmus, Lauri Ylönen, is staring in a music video shot in Obbola, south of Umeå.
The Rasmus is one of Finland’s most successful rock band. But members of the band runs parallel own solo projects to this one. The band’s lead singer Lauri Ylönen is working right now with the Swedish director Owe Lingvall. In great secrecy, they shot Lauri Ylönen’s new music video in Obbola’s Folkets Hus.

“We have big spiders, lizards, cockroaches and a centipede. Good material for this little cave that is my home in the music video”, reveals the singer Lauri Ylönen to the cameras of TV4Nyheterna Umeå.