Some hours ago Aki was on the official Facebook of the band for a little chat with fans, here’s a little resume of the most important (talking about The Rasmus) things that he wrote:

  • the band is still working on the new album, some songs are ready but they need to do some more.
  • so there’s still no approximate date for the new album’s release.
  • everybody in the band is missing touring and playing live.
  • they won’t be back in the studio until next year.
  • he confirmed the release of Lauri’s solo album and stated that The Rasmus’ new album will be released later than Lauri’s one.

And now some thing wrote by Aki concerning a little less the “working” side of the band, but still funny/nice to read:

  • today he spent 25 minutes to get moving his car because of the snow.
  • he loves Rome and hopes to come there soon.
  • thinks that he’ll attend at Emma Gaala next February too.
  • on tour he and Eero use to make bowling tournaments, and he’s a bit better than this last.

The full chat can be read at this link.