Today November the 23rd it’s celebrated the first The Rasmus’ international day!
This day has been chosen from a big amount of fans supported by the biggest world-wide fans clubs of the band, The Rasmus Hellofasite included of course, that chose to pick just this day because 16 years ago The Rasmus went onstage for the first time by the Christmas’ party organized by the school where they attended in that time, the Suutarila High School.

This day is also famous because last year the band decided to celebrate in their own way the anniversary performing exactly in the same school of 15 years ago, paying homage to both the few lucky fans that were at the event, and all the others fans that could attend for free from home thanks to the live streaming of the gig.

To “start” the celebrations it’s enough to join to the group made on Facebook for the event, by clicking here, and then put this image as profile’s image on every social network you’re using, but also publishing it everywhere you want.

Happy The Rasmus’ International Day to everyone!

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