Finally has been clarified the reason why the band didn’t published anything since last month on their account on Facebook: as it’s happened already to many accounts of the social network, The Rasmus account has been blocked; so the guys cannot write or publish a photo on their board, the only thing that they can do is comment what other users publish on their board.

This usually happens when more users signal a page to Facebook administrators for its illegal or slander contents, or simply because somebody thought that the page wasn’t official (maybe for the presence of another “official” The Rasmus’ page made some years ago by their old record company but never used); however it’s not clear what illegal or slander contents that page could have or by what criterion could be considered not official when on Facebook there’s a lot of pages both about the band and about its single members that claim to be officials when it’s pretty clear that they’re not.

The news has been spread as answer to a question about their silence, the exact answer is:

This FB is blocked, we’re not able to send new fotos or messages, any ideas how to get it working again???

So whoever knows what to do to unblock a blocked account/page on Facebook, can write to the band on their board, hoping that soon this problem will be solved.