As everybody knows Anette Olzon wasn’t the only singer chose for the October & April duet contained in The Rasmus’ collection Best Of 2001-2009 released last year, but in the beginning the Finnish singer Tarja Turunen was chosen and after her refusal, Lena Katina, one of the two singers of the Russian duo t.AT.u., was the second choice.

Still in 2005 Lena Katina recorded her vocal parts of the duet, but because of the unsatisfactory result for The Rasmus’s record company and the separation of t.AT.u. from their record company, the Interscope Records, the following year, this version of the duet was discarded and never published, and just after that Anette Olzon was chosen for the female part of the duet.

Now however, thanks to the t.AT.u.’s fansite, it’s possible to listen to this version of the song, in this video on YouTube, or downloadable directly in the fansite quoted before.

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