By The Rasmus’ performance at the Tuborg Green Rock Castle Festival that will be held in Lithuania this Friday, two interviews to Eero and Lauri have been made, where also the first indiscretions about the new album have been revealed.

According to Eero’s interview the release of the new album is due to spring 2011 and after that the band will do a big tour in all Europe and maybe also in the Baltic States, on the new album there’ll be a couple of ballads and the other songs will be “realistic” and at the moment the band is making the music video for the first single that will be released from the new album, even if there isn’t still any informations about the album’s or first single’s titles; instead in Lauri’s interview the only information that has been leaked out is that the sound will be more electronic.

The original articles in Lithuanian can be read at the following links: Eero’s interview and Lauri’s interview.

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