As predictable today it’s possible to see new photos and videos from The Rasmus’ performance of yesterday at Juwenalia 2010, Poland.
The band played in front of an audience of 15.000 people, performing with a wide repertory, from Into to the last album Black Roses, playing also songs that haven’t been played since many years like Someone Else, without forgetting the big hits like F-F-F-Falling, In The Shadows and Livin’ In A World Without You.

Here it’s possible to see another video from the press conference of yesterday afternoon, while here and here you can see some clips of the live performance; obviously other live videos from the audience can be seen as always on YouTube.

New photos of the performance indeed, can be seen in the following websites:, (scroll down) and; here there’s some more photos from the press conference.

And in the end, here there’s another article about the festival and here there’s an article about the press conference.