As already informed last week, Eero attended at the Finnish music awards ceremony of the Emma Gaala that was held in Helsinki last Thursday 4th of February because he was busy into the making of a documentary about the Finnish singer Chisu; for more informations about this project you can read the new published last week available in this page.

The Voice’s journalists used this occasion to ask Eero the latest news about The Rasmus, and the bass player answered that the band has now made groundwork for 6 songs on the new album, and Lauri is recording vocals on them; the making of the new album is approximately at the halfway point. Eero also said that there’s a chance the album will be out next autum, but that’s not certain yet.

Concerning the summer gigs, he told that the band will play on a couple of summer festivals this year even though they are pretty busy now with doing the album exactly, and one of the festivals where they’ll play will be the Vesa Keskinen’s festival in Tuuri, the Miljoona Rock.

Thanks to Sharazan for the translation and the news report.

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