In this page you can see an interview to Lauri made for Vertigo TV the first days of November when Lauri was in Berlin for the promotion of The Rasmus’ collection Best Of 2001-2009.

In the interview Lauri talkd about the duet with Anette Olzon, October & April, the only song in the compilation that wasn’t yet published, about how the song is actually 12 years old and how it was born as parody of the boybands’ songs of the time, with the lyrics that made fun of the corny lyrics of that kind of songs.

Then he talked about Anette was enthusiastic from the beginning when Lauri asked her to sing in the duet and how the singer said that before join Nightwish she was used to sing In The Shadows with a coverband.

Later Lauri talked about the strangest food he ever eat and about what was on the table during the interview (typical German little cakes) and in the end they talk about the Finnish tradition to spend the Christmas’ night in the sauna.