Here you can see an interview to Lauri made by PitCam, a German company specialized in video production mainly about music and movies, the 5th of November when Lauri was in Berlin for the promotion of The Rasmus’ collection Best Of 2001-2009.

In this interview Lauri talked how he started to sing encouraged by his sister after have started at 5 years old playing the piano and then the guitar and the drums; he said that at the beginning he didn’t liked his voice, and right when he was there in Germany a child heard his voice at the radio and mastaked for the crocodile Schnappi, a childrens’ cartoon.

Then they talked about his collaboratio of some years ago with Apocalyptica, when he sang two songs, one of them a duet with HIM’s Ville Valo, and how both bands (The Rasmus and Apocalyptica) started together débuting in the same Finnish tv show many years ago; then Lauri said how just the day before he took a coffee with Eicca of Apocalyptica, that he just mooved in the flat near their Dynasty Recordings Studios, and to the question if there’ll be any next collaborations between the two Finnish bands, Lauri answered that he thinks they’ve already done enough together, that both The Rasmus and Apocalyptica are always looking for new things.

Then they talk obviously about the new compilation, about the fact that are included almost all the singles of the last four albums and the unpublished duet with Nightwish’ singer Anette Olzon, called October & April; for this song they’ve realized many versions, but in the end they chose the most simple, with almost only the guitar and the vocals. The lyrics have been adapted and inspired from a Finnish fairytale that talks about the meeting of a creature that lives in the dark forest and a fairy that comes from the light, but they can’t have each other; the song has a melody similar to a lullaby and it’s very different from The Rasmus’ repertory, and for that it was included in the collection.

In the end Lauri talks about the concert-anniversary for the 15 years of carreer of The Rasmus that was held the last 23rd of November and the fact that it was also broadcasted on the web.