On the 9 of December Aki was guest on NRJ Radio, where he was in interviewed along with Jukka and Johannes from Deep Insight, the Finnish band that has been a support for The Rasmus’ European tour in 2005.

Here you can watch the video of the radio programme, while hereinafter there’s a recap of what’s been said (thanks to Sharazan):

  • Jukka (the blond guy) told, that as The Rasmus was so popular among the girls at the end of the 90’s, some boys took advantage of it to get in touch with girls on their gigs, and as a result he had his first kiss ever on one of The Rasmus’ gigs.
  • Aki told how fascinating it is how music connects people from all over the world, as has happened on their gigs where people from different countries have become good friends.
  • For the duet “October & April” there were a couple of candidates for the female voice, the song was even recorded with some of them, but “the versions weren’t approved by a certain authority” (Aki was probably referring to Playground Music Scandinavia). They planned the part also for Tarja Turunen, but “apparently Marcelo (Tarja’s Argentinean husband) had something to say about it”, so it didn’t happen.
  • Then the interview continued with discussions about the gig in Suutarila, where Aki’s grandmother was in the audience too.
    Aki was asked about who have they been a support for, and he said HIM’s Scandinavian tour was a great experience. One surprising case was to be the support for Roxette in Stockholm.
  • About The Rasmus’s own gigs, one of the strangest has been in Eskilstuna, Sweden, where there were just four people on the gig. A proper venue had been booked for the gig, but since only four people showed up, they held it in the cafe of the venue. One of those four was a reporter of a Finnish newspaper…
  • Aki was asked about when they realized that they had become big, and he told about an instance in Denmark, possibly in Copenhagen, where a homeless man had walked out of the bushes, apparently totally drunk, wobbling and falling as he walked; he didn’t notice or recognize the The Rasmus-guys, but Aki and the guys were watching as the man was singing “In The Shadows” to himself while trying to walk. That’s one of the situations when Aki and all knew they had a hit in their hands.
  • As a surprising memory about “In The Shadows”, Deep Insight’s Jukka told that his sister had lived in a little Chinese village when it had become a worldwide hit (except in North America), and even in a tiny desolate Chinese village she heard an old cleaner woman had been singing “In The Shadow” to herself!
  • Aki said he had great memories about the tour together with Deep Insight years ago in Germany. As a little prank, they had put Lauri into the trunk of some unknown car, and as they closed it, two feathers from Lauri’s hair was sticking out of the trunk outside; apparently the owner of the car noticed something, as “fortunately he didn’t drive away”, as Aki told laughing.
  • About the new album, they’re not recording it yet, but they are recording new music. Aki told that they spent a month in their Dynasty-studio, and Pauli just pushed “Rec” button and the guys played for their own fun, experimenting all kind of new things. They don’t have any schedules or timetables in regards to the next album. The next studio-session will take place possibly in February.