The Rasmus head back to school to celebrate their career of 15 years. See the gig in IRC-Galleria and IRC-Galerie!

Monday the 23th of November, The Rasmus is holding a special concert in the gym hall of their former school in Suutarila. The first gig The Rasmus ever played, was in the year 1994 at a Christmas party at the same location. The show is streamed live at IRC-Galleria and IRC-Galerie The Rasmus communities!

You can follow the gig live in IRC-Galleria or IRC-Galerie communities and chat with other fans.
–> IRC-Galleria (Finnish community) (
–> IRC-Galerie (German community) (

The stream starts at 17.30 CET (but the gig will start at 18.15 CET).

If you don’t have IRC-Galerie or IRC-Galleria account yet, you can log in with your Facebook account as well to see the show.

The communities are in Finnish and German only BUT no need to worry as the stream is shown live worldwide !!!


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