Today The Rasmus and Anette Olzon were guests at the Finnish tv show Ne Salmiset, where besides being interviewed, they’ve also played live October & April.

Here’s what Anette wrote in her blog about it:

I’m home finally after the tv-day in Finland. Everything went really well and it felt great to, for the first time ever, sing with Lauri and The Rasmus. We also had two lovely girls to play cello and the atmosphere in the show was very nice and relaxed. The show is built up like a “party” so its a mix of celebrities, artists and regular people. That makes it extra fun ;=)

We rehearsed a couple of times in the afternoon and then when the show started we first did a nice interview with some laughs ;=)
After that we played October and april and it felt really nice to sing with Lauri and the boys. They are all so sweet and nice and we laugh a lot ;=)

The show will be broadcasted in finnish tv-channel MTV3 on saturday 28/11. I guess it will be on the net also but I dont know for sure.

Anette also published 2 collages of today’s photos:
Make up before the show
Interview&live performance

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