As we’ve already announced, today the duet with Anette Olzon has been officially introduced in the Finnish radios.

Lauri, contrary to what’s been said Aki wasn’t with him, has been guest on YleX radio and Radio X3M; here’s a quick recap of what’s been said in the interviews (thanks to Sharazan):

  • October & April was born about 12 years ago in the basement of Pauli’s mother (the basement used to be their rehearsal place). The demo song “Don’t Shut The Door” was a parody of the boybands of the 90’s, with deliberately cheesy lyrics.
  • The lyrics were re-written, strings added, and the overall tone changed to more serious, resulting in the song October & April.
  • Don’t Shut The Door may be released on the internet in the future if Lauri finds it in his archives.
  • Prior to recording October & April, Lauri first made a phonecall to Tuomas Holopainen (Nightwish) and asked for his permission to call Anette. It was totally fine for Tuomas, saying “Please feel free to call, Anette is a big fan of yours”.
  • Lauri called Anette, and her response was “Awesome, of course I want to come and sing it”.
  • Anette had fond memories about The Rasmus: she used to sing their songs in karaoke in Sweden two years prior to joining Nightwish.
  • The video for the song is now complete, and Lauri saw and approved it yesterday. It will be released “probably soon”.
  • The lyrics for the song were written during Hide From The Sun, and Lauri said October & April wasn’t released on Black Roses because the song represented a different era.
  • Lauri had asked Tarja Turunen for this duet five years ago, but Tarja said “no”, as she was busy with other duties.
  • A fan from Lithuania had sent in a question about possible release of a live-DVD in the future, but Lauri didn’t know when it will happen.
  • Fans from all over the world had sent in questions, and Lauri was asked when the next world-tour will take place. He said, that he doesn’t have any idea when it will happen. The band will “take it easy” until the end of 2009, at least.
  • Later this month Lauri will travel to Singapore for two weeks to meet Pauli. They both have been busy with writing songs for the next album, using Skype daily in interacting with each other. In Singapore they will put together their ideas for the next album.
  • So far they have made approximately 40 songs, and hope to start recording some of them at their Dynasty Recordings studio in Helsinki later this year.

Hereinafter I’ve gathered all the material published online until now about today’s interviews:
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