As many fans were worried about the release of the Best Of 2001-2009 in their own countries and above all, about the special limited edition with the book, here’s some official news:

The digipack version will be released by Playground Music only in Scandinavia and probably in Greece, Russia and Ukraine.

The special limited numbered edition with the book that will be available in a limited number, will be published too by Playground Music only in Scandinavia, for all the other countries it’s not sure that the license partners of Playground Music that usually distributes The Rasmus’ cds in their countries, mainly it’s Universal, will release it.

Anyway both editions of the compilation can be already booked in online stores as, and

In all Europe, however, most probably will be released a jewel case edition by Universal, and its tracklist will be the same of the other two edition of the compilation.

About the October & April single, it’ll be released as digital version the 17 of November, and the 20 of the same month in physical version, but the physical version will be released only in Germany by Universal. To know all the tracklists of the various versions of the single that will be available, both digital and physical, check out the discography section.

Many thanks to Lars Tengroth/Playground Music for all the informations.