Dynasty Recordings signed Helsinki based dark-pop band Iconcrash. In the beginning there was one man. Jaani Peuhu, already a seasoned rock music professional at a pretty young age, wanted to do exactly what he wanted, without having to please anybody else except himself. So he wrote a number of songs that sounded more like the music he was hearing in his head than the sound of any of his prior bands. These songs became Nude, the first Iconcrash album, that was released in spring 2005. Jaani had written, produced and performed much of the record himself. Although there were also several guest musicians involved, it was basically his solo album. Iconcrash are now finished with their second album called Enochian Devices after 14 month sessions at Dynasty Recording studios and Sonic Pump Studios. The first single Strange, Strange Dark Star with the video directed by Owe Lingvall (The Rasmus, Amorphis, Nordman, Sturm Und Drang etc) is in your reach now and the album release date will be anounced later on. You can check out the video from: YouTube.

Source: www.dynastyrecordings.fi

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