The website Metal From Finland has just published the results of Metal From Finland Awards 2008, an online voting where you could vote the best of finnish music in 2008 in 10 categories; here are the results:

  • Best Finnish Band: The Rasmus at 6° place
  • Best Finnish Vocalist: Lauri Ylönen at 5° place
  • Best Finnish Guitarist: Pauli Rantasalmi at 4° place
  • Best Finnish Drummer: Aki Hakala at 5° place
  • Best Finnish Bassist: Eero Heinonen at 5° place
  • Best Finnish album 2008: Black Roses at 3° place

The Rasmus are the only band when all the member are into the top 10 in their own category and also their latest album is in a good place as Best Finnish album.

You can find all the results at this address: