A whole three years have passed but now the Finns are back with their seventh studio album Black Roses. Despite a seemingly dark title, The Rasmus venture out of their own shadow, showing what is to date their brightest and friendliest side.
Be surprised as no one less than the song writer and producer legend Desmond Child (Alice Cooper, Kiss, etc.) done his part to create this album. With his customary clear, slightly reserved voice, Lauri Ylönen sums up the mood at the 2008 Rasmus camp: “We are inspired again and feel super, insanely energetic and really excited about what you will think of ‘Black Roses’…”. The stone rose on the self-designed cover resembles a compass with five directions. One stands for the unknown, which is exactly where The Rasmus are headed in a good mood and with a thirst for action.

Convince yourself and check out the album on this widget where you can easily have a listen of each of the songs. The really special thing is Lauri comments every single track on the Track-By-Track video.

Source: www.therasmus.com

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