There will be a special The Rasmus event in Helsinki on September 5th 2008. The documentary about the making of the album Black Roses will be showed for the first time. It is filmed and produced by Eero and is very good and “close to the band”. There is a chance the album will be played too of course. The band is there, along with Finnish media and VIP invites.

Playground Music Scandinavia made a competition to win 10×1 ticket for that event!
To win you just have to answer the question “Where was “Livin’ In A World Without You” written by Lauri, Pauli and Desmond Child?? Name the city.”!
Write an email to before August 20th 2008 with your answer to the question and your name, city, country and age. Subject line: I WANNA WIN TICKETS TO THE RASMUS.
If you win a ticket then you get an email from the same mail you send your answer with further information about the event!

Notes: there’s no age limit to the event, but winners must bring ID.
The prizes are tickets to the event. Winners must take care of travels, hotels etc. themselves.

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