Yippee! The coming single “Livin’ In A World Without You” is the most played song on Finnish radio! It is since two weeks Number 1 on the Airplay charts in Finland.

The new single is released September 5 (digital) and September 10 (maxi CD).

Livin’ In A World Without You tracklist

The Rasmus new single will be released in 2 formats, a 2-track single and a 4-track maxi. The 2-track has the video as b-side, and the 4-track has the video plus one album track, “You Got It Wrong” and an acoustic version of “Livin’ In A World Without You”.

The release on iTunes will have one more exclusive track; “Livin’ In A World Without You – Milan East RMX” and this is set for September 5.

NOTE: The dates may vary in some countries, these dates are accurate for at least Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Source: www.myspace.com/therasmus