Last thursday (24 of June) “Livin’ In A World Without You” has been broadcasted for the first time worldwide on the German radio SWR3, at the rock channel. The song can be still listened online, it’s enough to go at this page and wait for The Rasmus’ time, following the list of the songs in the playlist; the playlist goes in loop, so every hour and a half you can listen “Livin’ In A World Without You”.

The day after, Friday the 25, the song entered into the finnish radios’ playlist and by this chance the finnish tv channel Yle made a phone interview with Lauri and on its website it’s possible to listen to 30 seconds of the new song. To listen to the 30 seconds of “Livin’ In A World Without You” click here, while to listen the interview (in finnish) click here, while hereinafter you can read its translation (thanks to Daylight):

Interviewer (Juuso Pekkinen): Lauri Ylönen you just came from Germany do you still have sauerkraut on the corner of your mouth?
Lauri: Actually I came via Spain so there might be some.

Interviewer: Okay, what kind of trip was it?
Lauri: It was a good trip a bit like a charging batteries kinda trip this time. Getting ready for the upcoming fall.

Interviewer: Yes probably much of getting ready because, after three year break, the album Black Roses will be released.
Lauri: Yeah is it that long? Feels like.. Too long. It’s nice to get on the field again.

Interviewer: Now we can soon hear the new single from the new album with what kind of covering words would you like to let this song out?
Lauri: Well it was actually last song we made for this album and all the other material was ready and then we got this idea of a bit different kind of a song and we made it even though it stretched a bit of the albums release date. But it put the album together well and it’s a bit surprising way to approach the new album. There’s a bit more electric touch and there’s a bit of this older Rasmus because there’s this small rap-part. Which may sound a bit alarming but it works quite well in its entirety.

Interviewer: How does your tongue works with the amazing world of rap?
Lauri: Sorry, what?

Interviewer: How did you succeeded with the rap parts?
Lauri: Well we have made that kind of stuff earliesr when we started and it’s more like rhythmic song than rap but it feel good it has a good groove. A bit more synthetic world more electronic feeling. Fits well in it.

Interviewer: The Rasmus’ Lauri Ylönen what is the situtation the next song will fit best?
Lauri: Well actually this song can fit into some clubs surprisingly. This has been mixet at this guy who makes a lot of these club mixes. There’s a bit of this party feeling. Of course the song isn’t so fast but we have been looking for this mild kind of Depeche Mode feeling.

Interviewer: This song will be on your new album which will be released in fall and the album was produced legendary Desmond Child who has produced for example Bon Jovi and Aerosmith. Did you have this feeling that everything he touches turns into gold?
Lauri: He is very talented and he has lots of visions and opinions, it has been very interesting to work with him. We have learned a lot about everything and he just sort of came to grind what we already had. He was already our big fan and it was a good thing because he didn’t start to give us this american sound but he said that we have our great sound and that we are now just gonna make a diamond of it.

Interviewer: By the way Lauri I heard these wild rumours that you have been flying all over the countries because Desmond has been really meticulous. Ist his rumour true?
Lauri: Yeah. For example I went once to Sweden to sing one sentence. In in the morning and out in the evening.It was sort of climax but you have to make close job.

Interviewer: Why was this one sentence had to be sung in Sweden?
Lauri: Tell me about it. No, It was so called vocal chain. There are all the gadgets that has been used in my singing sound. All because of technical reasons.

Interviewer: Ok so there hasn’t been looked for this blue-yellow feeling but because of cold matter.
Lauri: Yes. It was really boring reason this time but the sentence became very good!

Interviewer: Well that’s the most important thing. I have a question I want to ask you. What kind of expectations do you think that people will have towards your new material?
Lauri: I hope that they think that we have taken our music into some new way from what it was left last time. And I really believe that this has also happened. Hopefully they will like it. This area of art is so that you really have to listen to your own feelings and not to think of all the genres and others. You just have to make good songs with feeling and there it goes.

Interviewer: You go by your heart. And the song Living in a world without you debut now sole right by Ylex and Radio x3m. And this songs name gives a bit of a clue that the songs theme is a classical rock song. The Rasmus’ Lauri what couldn’t you live without?
Lauri: My son (laughs). Now it starts.

Interviewer: All right. Are you ready to launch this song-baby to the world?
Lauri: Yes. Let’s go.

Interviewer: Yes. Thanks to you and now we listen to the new The Rasmus song.
Lauri: Thank you.