Today the Playground Music’s website published a new about the music video for the first single that will be taken from “Black Roses” that will be shooted next week in Stockholm.
Here you can read the original article, while hereinafter you can read the translation (thanks to Mathias for it):

Rasmus to Stockholm
The Rasmus heads to Stockholm!

The Rasmus will do a visit to Stockholm on Thursday the 3rd of Jule to shoot their first video for their upcoming album. The video will be directed by the Swedish Niclas Fronda (Baranga Film) who previously made three videos for the band, of which two of them won MTV prizes (“In The Shadows”, “Funeral Song”).
The Rasmus’ new album “Black Roses” will be released in the end of September. This time the Finnish group have worked with Desmond Child, one of the world’s most successful producers and songwriter behind classic hits for many various bands from Kiss and Alice Cooper to Bon Jovi, Scorpions and Ricky Martin!

Additionally according to Universal Music (Germany) the album will be released the 26 of September. This date hasn’t been confirmed or denied yet.

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